How much money should I take to a strip club in Austin TX?

How much cash should you bring to an Austin Strip Club?

So you are looking to visit a strip club in Austin and are not quit sure how much money you will need?  If you’ve never been to a strip clubs it may seem like a nerve-wracking. However, it doesn’t have to be. We have complied a list of services you might be interested in purchasing but keep in mind, not all clubs are the same, nor do they all offer the same services for the same price.  The list below are basic common services you will be offered and can decide to spend money on.



Many clubs offer the choice of self-parking, preferred parking and valet parking. Some clubs might offer free parking, some charge a small fee. Some clubs even offer free valet parking but keep in mind that staff works for tips, so a few dollars for their help is a nice gesture for a free service.  Of course if you Uber or Lyft you don’t have to worry about parking.



Upon entering you will most likely get asked for your ID, especially if you look to be under 35 year old. This is done by a host or hostess who also charges a cover fee to enter.  Not all clubs charge a cover fee, some clubs offer free or reduced cover fees and some clubs can charge as low as $5 or as high as $30.  You can always look on their website, sometimes clubs offer a free admission coupon, like Rick’s Cabaret Austin does here. Or call and ask about the cover fee before deciding to visit. 


Buying a beverage

Many clubs have tables, stages or bars to sit at.  Some clubs get so busy it is standing room only.  When you decide to sit, some clubs require a 1 or 2 beverage minimum.   You don’t have to order alcoholic beverages, buy a soda, bottled water or any non-alcoholic beverage if alcohol is not your thing.  If you really don’t want a drink, don’t expect to sit at a table and not order anything.  Tables are for customers that order…. anything.  It can even be food if the club has a kitchen. As always, ask your server since club’s polices vary.


Sitting at the stage

Customers that sit on the stage usually do so to see the endless parade of girls dancing.  Sitting near the stage is for the guys who want to see and tip the girl he likes.  Prepare to have bands of singles as the dancing girls make their way along the stage offering up bra and garter for customers to insert their dollars. Don’t sit next at the stage unless you plan to continuously tip the dancers.


Buying the VIP experience:

Many clubs offer a VIP experience.  This experience also varies from club to club.  Some clubs might offer a semi private room with plush seating and exceptional service where you get a more one on one experience with the girls of your choice.  Some clubs offer a party package where you get to sit in upscale area with great views of the club or stage with your own bar, waitress and plush seating.  The latter is more about being in the middle of the club’s action, proper for bachelor and birthday parties.  You can always find great deals on the VIP experience by visiting the club’s website or calling ahead.  Ricks in Austin offers both the semi-private experience and the Party Package experience.  Their Party packages include admission, VIP seating, bottle and mixers service.  See them here.


Buying a dance

Dance prices vary from club to club.  Some girls offer lap dances, which are performed at your table.  These dances can vary from $5 to $20.  These dances are also seen by other customer sitting near you.  Some clubs over semi private area for a more personable dance, seen by you and no one else.  These can cost more than the normal lap dance.  It’s always a good idea to ask the girl how much she charges, also how long the dance will be.  This way you and the girl come to terms as to how many dances she performs and how much you owe her.  Some clubs offer Dance Dollars, which are used for tipping and buying dances.  This is a service offered to customers who don’t bring cash and don’t want to use the ATM machine.  There is a fee associate with this service so make sure you ask what the fee is before you decide on how you will pay for your dances.  Be aware of policy, some clubs are topless, some are fully nude and, in some clubs, touching is not allowed and can get you kicked out.    


Have Fun

Entertainers and staff working in the adult entertainment industry love to throw a party and are usually good at it so whatever club you decide to attend, make sure you dress appropriately, are aware of the above-mentioned costs and behave accordingly.  Visiting a strip club is always a fun experience when you are knowledgeable. We hope these tips help you prepare for your first strip club experience in Austin TX